Community Drupal 7 Website

Community Drupal 7 Website
  1. Registration form: The registration from is customizable and you can add many fields as you want.
  2. On the registration form, users will see if a username or email address has already been used during registration before they submit the form.
  3. After registration the user receives an email with a link to clarify the email address and become an authenticated user and start adding content.
  4. Users have the ability to retrieve their password.
  5. Once the user is logged in they will be redirected to overview their profile page, where they will view personal picture, groups they created or subscribed to, newsletters they subscribed to, their points total and a link to view it in details and invite statistics.
  6. On the top of your portfolio page is the user menu with the following buttons:
  7. My Account: You will have links to basic profile items (View Account – Edit Account – My Newsletters – My Bookmarks – Flagged Content – My Points – My Blog - My Recent Content. )
  8. Create Content: You will be able to create one of the following content types (Create Blog Content – Create Forum Topic – Create Poll Topic – Post Article To Group – Create Group.)
  9. Email: You will have a links to your email items (New Message – Inbox – Sent Messages – Blocked Users.)
  10. Invitations: You will have links to your invitations (New Invitations - Accepted Invitations - Pending Invitations - Expired Invitations.)
  11. Relationships: You will have links to your relationships status (My Relationships - Sent Requests - Received Requests.)
  12. Miscellaneous: You will have links add twitter account with other activities (Authorizations – Consumers - Groups Activity - User Activity - User Relation Activities - Contact.)

When you click on “edit account” you will be able to edit account activities, user picture, password, email address, allow others to contact you via a personal contact form and private message setting.

More features the user has:

  • The user will have the option to subscribe to the newsletters.
  • The user will have their own blog and others can comments on their blog posts.
  • The user will be able to create forum topics and polls and other users will be able to comment on them.
  • The user will be able to invite anyone to join the website by sending an invitation.
  • The user will be able to request a relationship with any user on the website.
  • Create Groups: The users can create public or private groups where users can post articles.
  • The users will be able to leave comments on any content except group content.
  • The users will be able to send private messages to the other users or disable private message.
  • Using this portal as an admin you will have the power to change or modify anything you want on the website.

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