Why we don't change feature's module file in code?

A good reason you don't change any features module by hand, so you don't loose your work.  Ex if you changed the file and pushed it to dev and someone else is working on this site with the UI a new

Adding Image Caption to Image Field or Wysiwyg Inserted Image for Drupal 7

I recently was asked to add an image caption to image field on a content type.  I added a field image caption and included it with Alt and Title field.

Using Different Versions of the Same Module

What do you do if one site requires a specific version of a module, while one of the other sites requires a different version of the same module?


Phased Methodology

The objective of a phased approach to development is to break your site into individual components or features that can stand on their own.

Spiral Methodology

spiral methodology provides an iterative and progressive approach to defining the requirements and design of your site using prototyping.

RAD Methodology

RAD stands for rapid application development. With this methodology you use structured techniques, and prototyping to set your requirements, get prototypes quickly and use minimal planning.

Agile Methodologies

Another kind of methodology is Agile software development.

Waterfall Methodology

A traditional waterfall method breaks the workflow down into stages. You complete one phase of the production life-cycle before continuing to the next.

Development Methodolgies

When using open source systems, you can use thousands of features simply by turning them on.

How is Drupal Used?

Any enterprise that requires a fair amount of working with content is a likely candidate for Drupal and because it is so easily extended and flexible there aren’t any real limitations.

What Does Drupal Offer?

As an administrator you need things to be as easy as possible so you don’t spend all your time bogged down with issues/complicated settings or even having to modify the source code on a regular bas

What is Drupal?

Drupal is a free and open-source content management system written in PHP.